1/21 Watch List

Alimera Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ: ALIM) looks like a topping candle on Friday. This name is getting very close to a pullback at this overbought level. Look for topping action, lower highs, etc. Ideal is weak open and failed red/green move

LiveDeal Inc. (NASDAQ: LIVE) sick move from 3.50s to 14 in 2014. Insane! Watch for a gap up and rush toward 15 or higher for a short. Let it setup and join weakness. This is not a stock I would get sized in on the front side of the move

Infinity Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: INFI) nice perk on the daily chart. Look for pull backs if this name is trending on Tuesday for a long trade. Like the chart

BlackBerry Ltd. (NASDAQ: BBRY) worth a look for a day trade over 9.12-9.13 resistance. Watch dips with the trend. The 20 and 50 day moving averages are sloping up. This is a hated stock by many and it seems like shorts are in a bind here

ZIOPHARM Oncology Inc. (NASDAQ: ZIOP) look for a move over Friday’s high of 4.86. The stock is setup for some follow through here

Maxwell Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: MXWL) potential near term topping candle put in on Friday. Watch for short setups. Think there is a good possibility of a weak open then red/green failure for a s/s

Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding Ltd. ADS (NASDAQ: KONE) just want to keep on watch for trade setups. More likely that this pulls back on Tuesday so be ready for a possible short. No bias so also look for an AM washout then settle for a long

Liberator Medical Holdings Inc. (NYSE MKT: LBMH) short watch here. This stock has gone up from 4 to 6 without any real consolidation. Look for a gap up parabolic through 6 for a short sale

Synageva BioPharma Corp. (NASDAQ: GEVA) this is extremely overbought and overextended. A major pullback is near in my opinion. Keep an eye on this stock for topping action with lower highs. Once the trend is confirmed down I would put on a small short. Low volume = less size.

Fannie Mae (OBB: FNMA) the chart is setup for another big move soon. Resistance 1 is 3.33-3.37, Resistance 2 is 3.50. Look for dips with the trend for a long and VOLUME. This is a textbook ABCD setup.. big move, pullback then grinds up towards a breakout

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