2/5 Watch List

Shanda Games Ltd. ADS (NASDAQ: GAME) watch any weak open toward 6 for a red/green move and 6.50 break

LiveDeal Inc. (NASDAQ: LIVE) look for a weak open toward 16.50s for red/green and 18+

Violin Memory Inc. (NYSE: VMEM) watch dips with the trend for long entries. Accumulate with the trend for the 4 break

Golden Star Resources Ltd. (NYSE MKT: GSS) look for pullbacks to get long. Use .60 as guide for risk

GreenGro Technologies Inc. (OTN: GRNH) thinking gapper, held some overnight. Watch pulls

Cannabis Science Inc. (OTN: CBIS) watch dips with the trend. This could get moving tomorrow

Plug Power Inc. (NASDAQ: PLUG) like a long on pulls if this name is trending. Swing play if strong close over 3.45

SolarCity Corp. (NASDAQ: SCTY) weak open toward 70 for red/green

Lionbridge Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: LIOX) big move off pre-market earnings. Ideal play is weak open 6.60s test for red/green and 7+

Pacific Biosciences of California Inc. (NASDAQ: PACB) look for a weak open toward 7 for red/green and flag break

Ohr Pharmaceutical Inc. (NASDAQ: OHRP) lower volume. This chart is getting extending from the short term moving averages. Watch for topping action after more upside tomorrow, maybe 15 magnet

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