7 Ways to Get Children to Like You

So you want to know how to get kids to like you?

I knew it was over. She knew it was over. Our relationship had run its course. We wanted to feel in love again although neither of us changed anything to save the relationship. Was I in love? I think so but I’m not sure. I know I felt something and it felt good. It was no longer present. She had twin boys. They were 2 years old when I first met them. It was great to spend time with them. Being around young kids always gave me a lot of joy. It might be the purity and innocence of children that gives me solace. Positively influencing a child’s growth is an amazing feeling. This is what I learned through my experiences about interacting with kids.

1. Listen – Give your unabated attention and listen when a child speaks to you. I mean really listen. Take in the words and think about what they are saying to you.

2. Read – Pick a book together and enthusiastically read it to them. Get into the story and encourage the child to actively participate. Ask them questions. Have them point out pictures.

3. Teach – Show a child how to play your favorite sport or game. Start with one aspect. I found that passing a football, basketball, or soccer ball back and forth is a good way to start. Make the experience fun. Build up the child’s skills over time if they are interested in learning more.

4. Be patient and gentle – Remember you are dealing with young children, so you will need to be patient and gentle with them. Kids will notice and appreciate it even if they don’t communicate it verbally.

5. Treat them like adults – Don’t treat them like kids. Don’t talk “childish” to them. Treat them like you would treat an adult. This is very important.

6. Be honest and genuine – Children can see right through you. There is no reason to lie anyway! Be honest all the time.

7. Be positive – Like attracts like. Young children are positive by nature. They are filled with happiness and excitement. Share in their positive energy.

Many of these points are obvious yet many adults fail when dealing with children. Kids can absorb information by osmosis – they mimic actions they see and hear. Curse around a child and that child may say that same foul word. People shouldn’t curse at all. It is ugly and makes you sound uneducated and ignorant. Keep your composure and don’t EVER get frustrated.


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