9/20 Watch List

Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. (NASD: EGLE) huge chart break today.. blew right through 5.50 and 6 resistance. Watch for one more push then stalk for short entry. Ideal is gap up and push 7.50+ parabolic

Pandora Media Inc. (NYSE: P) main watch tomorrow. Tried to short this twice today and was stopped out for minimal losses. This chart is overextended and extremely overbought. Look for topping action to get short. Ideal is big AM move through 28 toward 29 for the fade back down. I think this needs to consolidate around 26 area

SolarCity Corp. (NASD: SCTY) trying to breakout of this consolidation just under 38. Watch for a continuation type move tomorrow once it starts trending

E-House (China) Holdings Ltd. (NYSE: EJ) hanging around nicely after nearly doubling in two months. This stock is very trader friendly, which means range and volume. Look for a weak open then stabilize for red/green and new 52 week high. Also this could pullback so be prepared if it starts to top out and take the short

FAB Universal Corp. (AMEX: FU) talk about big expanding volume. Starting to get a little short bias here but this can keep going. Ideal setup is gap up and 10 magnet then fade. The pullback is going to be multiple dollars. Main watch along with P

Endeavour International Corp. (NYSE: END) is still trending nicely. Watch for a weak open toward 5.50s for red/green and 6 break

Repros Therapeutics Inc. (NASD: RPRX) 28.30 is the 52 week high and resistance. Look for pullbacks with the trend to enter long in anticipation of the breakout

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