This blog started as a personal blog for me to vent, share, learn and teach others through my daily experiences. It has since transitioned into the place where I post watch lists for day and swing trades. I will also do trade reviews and how to’s explaining my strategies. I tend to write reviews about my not so great trades versus my big winners because it helps me learn from my mistakes and hopefully others can benefit as well. From time to time I will write a post about life experiences that teach me simple or profound lessons.

My life is one of a kind. I have been through a lot of ups and downs in business and my personal life over this time period. I originally created this blog with the intent of sharing various events that occurred in my life – knowing that someone will benefit from my experiences. I will continue to share some of my life experiences even though I am no longer focused on working in multimedia/technology/IT.

I have become fascinated with the financial markets, particularly NASDAQ and NYSE. I have wanted to get into stocks for the past few years (my interest was perked in 2008-2009 after the crash) whether it be longer term investments or quick trades. I have been learning under a bunch of good traders (Big Thanks to Nate and the IU crew) and read a ton. Some of my favorite books are Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes by Shannon, Reminisces Of A Stock Operator by Lefevre, How To Trade In Stocks by Livermore, How I Made $2 Million by Darvas, Trading In The Zone by Douglas, and Speculation As A Fine Art by Watts. I really enjoy analyzing charts of stocks, commodities, indices, ETFs, which makes me consider myself a chartist.

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